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two-story single family home with freshly cut green lawn

& Lawn Maintenance

Smart Corp Landscaping provides a variety of landscaping services including tree pruning, fertilizing and more.

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& Pavers

If you're looking for a patio in natural stone, a new paver driveway, your garden landscaped or a flower-bed built, look no further than Smart Landscaping. 

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Driveway leading to garage that was plowed to remove snow.

Snow Removal
& Property Maintenance

Smart Corp Landscaping is your go-to company for helping you maintain your property. From snow removal and fall clean up, to housekeeping and more.

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About Smart Landscaping LLC

SMART LANDSCAPING LLC. was formed in 2010 to provide people with a full lawn and landscape services. We provide landscaping services that include lawn maintenance, lawn care, lawn renovations, construction, fall clean up, snow removal, and much more.

Landscape Design

Our staff is ready to meet with you to formulate a plan that will incorporate your ideas and turn your vision into reality.

Landscape Installation

Once your landscape design is complete, Smart Landscaping can implement the plan from start to finish. We are specialists in many fields, including: demolition, excavation & grading, hardscape and more.

Landscape Maintenance

Smart Landscaping provides regularly-scheduled maintenance services to residential homeowners, HOA’s and property management companies. We cater our services to meet AND exceed the expectations of our clients. Smart Landscaping prides itself by providing high quality customer service at an affordable price.

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  • Project: Remove Snow from Walks, Drives and Roofs

    I received a phone call 10 minutes after I contacted them thru Home Advisor and got a home visit 30 minutes after this call on the same day. We walked through the area to be covered in snow removal contract and discussed needs. I received their quote the same night. We had some questions and special requests which were answered promptly. So overall, the hiring part was a hugely impressive positive, professional and satisfactory experience. Based on this, I would highly recommend them. To note, as it has not snowed yet, we have actually not received actual service yet but I hope it is as good quality as the experience so far.

  • Project: Mow Grass and Maintain Landscaping

    He was a professional, he knew what he was doing, it wasn't loud, he was very smart, every time I looked out I was impressed, he was perfect, the service was perfect, I cant express how easy everything was.  

  • Project: Remove Snow from Walks, Drives and Roofs

    Hired them for two years now, good work and easy to communicate. Will recommend!

  • Project: Remove Snow from Walks, Drives and Roofs

    They do a great job at a great value. I'm just not crazy about them coming in the middle of the night. Really nice and very trustworthy!

  • Project: Remove Snow from Walks, Drives and Roofs

    The driveway was a bit challenging for snow removal, but once they got the hang of it, everything was cleaned wonderfully and timely through last year's difficult winter. The sidewalks were perfect.

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